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Cyber risk management is a highly complex affair, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. After all, it demands sensitive coordination of people, processes, and technology.

USIS helps your organisation build a self-sustaining management system by reaching a fuller understanding of your business challenges — and identifying suitable learning paths to achieve continuous improvement.

We help you obtain internationally respected industry certifications, informed by standards like ISO 27001, ISO 27701, and ISO 22301.

USIS can also help you with Common Criteria compliance (security guidelines for government deployments), and to obtain security hardware or software product certifications like FIPS140-3.

USIS can also help you obtain security hardware or software product certifications with Common Criteria compliance (security guidelines for government deployments) and obtain FIPS 140-3 for the cryptography modules certification.


USIS Malaysia is a Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-based consulting firm that helps organisations across the region to implement an effective information security management system in accordance with ISO standards. We help with Common Criteria (CC) compliance and FIPS 140-3 validation, as well as providing broader cyber security training and consulting services directly to companies.

Our leadership team comes from a background of providing expert cryptographic services, and has a long track record in security product testing and certifications. What differentiates USIS is our focus on continuous improvement and the ethics that drive our business. For example, we are committed to helping customers to self-maintain their certifications. In this way, we help you to achieve more with less.

We are looking out for new recruits. If you are hesitant about a role in information security, we would like to reassure you that it is a career for people from all backgrounds!

If you would like to immerse yourself in a supportive, learning environment, with a comfortable work-life balance, then USIS is an excellent fit. We look forward to hearing from you.


Achieve Certification First-Time With USIS

Information Security Management System

Today’s organisations are facing a complex and ever-evolving threat landscape. Organisations must take all appropriate measures to ensure the safety of their IT assets, as well as customer data. Our consulting experts help to reduce your exposure to risk.

Business Continuity Management System

Are you new to continuity planning? Fortunately, BCMS equips organisations to adapt quickly with practical emergency skills and disaster recovery plans. USIS’s experts help you to launch your business ideas from the whiteboard to day-to-day reality.

Consulting in Security Product Certification

Security controls are crucial to the ICT products’ users nowadays. Are you a hardware or software development organisation aiming to market your products globally? Let us help you gain trust in the market. Let us help you obtain security evaluations recognised by industry across the nation. We offer Common Criteria and FIPS 140-3 consulting services that will help you gain the trust of your target market.

Information Security Awareness Consulting

USIS offers unrivalled support, expert advice, and regular checkups to address your organisation’s cyber security. Employees are often the weakest link in network security. Now, we have the complete range of information security training, consulting and awareness tools to protect you.

Security Product Certification Common Criteria Evalaution FIPS 140-3

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